Compactor Storage System

The compactor storage system is a new-age product that is recommended for Modern storage systems. It provides a copious workspace by optimizing the office space by setting up storage for files and documents. It makes it suitable for everyone in operating storage systems with manual, mechanical, and advanced locking systems. High-quality powder-coated metals make it stronger and more durable. It is of profound importance to utilize the office space as much as possible for other tasks which can increase productivity. Hence, having a compactor storage system is incredibly vital for companies where storage is occupying a lot of space.


Drive Type Mechanism

The drive type mechanism aids in operating the storage system with comfort and ease with its peculiar design. The ergonomically designed wheel provides a firm grip along with appealing aesthetics. It minimizes the force required for keeping any files by moving multiple units at a time. It provides effortless movement. 

Multiple Bay Options

Configurations Availabe
1 Bay | 2 Bay | 3 Bay | 4 Bay


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