When it comes to staying active during your workday, we all want the same thing: a simple way to get our blood pumping while keeping us energized throughout the day. But what if you don't run or you’re looking for a low-impact way to stay healthy and still burn calories? We have got the perfect solution for you. Stay moving at work with our Bike Desks


Key Highlights

Waterfall- Design Seat
Comfort starts with a large contoured seat designed to distribute your weight over a large surface area more like an office chair than an exercise bike.

Seat Height Adjustment
The seat height can be adjusted over a 7" range, with eleven positions, fitting users ranging in heights from 4’8” to 6’6".

Wide Pedals Surface
The pedals are almost 9” in length, supporting a large portion of the foot rather than just the ball of the foot.


Single Seater

2 Seater

3 Seater

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